ENTERTAINMENT: Sheen, be gone!

THE Twittersphere will today attempt to go cold turkey on the self-proclaimed “Malibu Messiah”, with March 11 dubbed Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day.

Sheen has amassed more than 2.5 million Twitter followers with his audacious claims, quotes and threats. On Monday he advertised for a “#TigerBloodIntern” to be his social media lackey, and by yesterday more than 74,040 had reportedly applied.

His public meltdown has bypassed a cult following and is heading towards mainstream with endless retweets, comments and coverage in mainstream media, and more than 1400 YouTube clips uploaded in just one week.

But people are tiring of the Charlie Sheen phenomenon and have called for Twits to ignore him. On Monday, New York’s Village Voice made the call for the legions of Sheen followers to unfollow him, saying:  “Watching Charlie Sheen flame out again has been amusing, in part, but, much like his porn stars, we’ve taken to hiding in the bathroom and cringing.”

Indaily is also suffering Sheen fatigue but wonders how many of the 2,503,105 (and counting) followers will be able to give it up today.

If ignoring him on Twitter doesn’t go far enough, you can always download a browser plug-in which promises to delete his name and block his image from every web page you open.


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